Last month, we hosted a photoshoot to capture a new collaboration between events planners Kasimira and Broadbean. The two companies work together on certain event coordination projects and felt that they wanted to mark this professional union by spending a day with us at the studio!

The aim of the day was to take a range of photographs that both companies can use across the board, for all their marketing needs – whether it be printed publications or on digital platforms such as their website and social media accounts. It was essential to convey the team’s brand message effectively. This involved planning to capture their ‘professional side’ but also their creativity and huge sense of fun. These were essential ingredients – especially for a team that develop hugely imaginative event concepts and then arrange their perfect coordination!

On arrival at our studio, the teams were prepped for action. Their bespoke headshot package included hair and make up services for the ladies and hair prep for the gentlemen. The shoot was styled carefully from the outset and the team’s clothes were essential props for conveying the right message! They arrived at Trinity Buoy Wharf with an array of key wardrobe pieces and accessories that we had agreed on in advance. These were donned for various sections of the photoshoot as we moved to different backdrops and captured different looks and moods.

The great thing about our location at Trinity Buoy Wharf is our ability to benefit from the outside space with its huge amounts of character – as well as our boutique studio. The thames location and its natural ‘props’ provide a really fabulous outdoor space for capturing images. It is certainly worth considering if you’re contemplating fresh headshots to sell your business  – but feel that your personal work space is a little limiting as a backdrop. That said – we can and will very happily come to you, if you’d like to be photographed in your own ‘office’ space! This can also include capturing you ‘in action’ as you offer your unique services, rather than just posing for shots!

If you are  considering getting photographed for some new professional head shots, do get in touch. We can offer highly flexible packages for small (and bigger!) businesses that are guaranteed to sell you and your services to your target market really efficiently. Need a little more information on what the headshot photoshoot usually entails? It’s well worth taking a look at our previous blog post. This covers all the things you need to know on the subject – plus provides a checklist of all the things you should be considering before you walk into the studio on the day. Go on – have a read!