On Air Dining have quietly revolutionized cuisine on board private aircraft. Their philosophy? To produce the highest quality restaurant food for private jets.

We’ve been lucky enough to work with On Air Dining for the last four years, photographing their amazing food – and occasionally getting the opportunity to taste it! Formally known as Alison Price On Air,  On Air Dining is led by their CEO, chef Daniel Hulme, who we work alongside to plan shoots. Our commercial work for them showcases different menus, the chefs at work preparing dishes, an insight into the private jet environment, and the company’s culinary workshops – which they present on terra firma! Each shoot involves working with the fabulous Mandy from Number 12 Creative, who is their creative planner and designer.

Great photography sells

On Air Dining know that in order to stand out in a competitive corporate world, photography is a worthwhile investment. We provide photos for their website, marketing materials and press. When you’re using a photographer to sell a corporate brand, continuity is everything. You need to capture the essence of a brand, portraying its philosophy as well as its products and services. There is a relationship that develops over time and keeps getting stronger. One of the reasons that On Air Dining keep coming back to us is because they know us, they know how we work, and they know that we know what they want – which means that they get photos which are perfect for promoting the company. Great photos must be used to sell the products and services of a luxury company – before we dip into reading any words, brand quality is assessed via its images!

Recent Shoots

At the start of the year we enjoyed a day photographing at Farnborough Airport, aboard a private jet. It certainly was an interesting day as we got to see parts of the airport that we wouldn’t normally be able to view. We arrived and had to go through security and then drove straight into the hanger where the private jet was parked. We got to photograph inside the hanger and also outside on the runway! It was a fabulous insight to an entirely different world! Inside, the jet had every amenity you could think of, and the interiors were beautiful and plush, featuring real leather and walnut tables – no expense spared. The shoot area was a tight space and this was the main challenge when photographing the food in the jet. We spent the day shooting various dishes as well as working round a film crew, who were putting together a video of On Air Dining in action!

Our most recent shoot was earlier this month, when we photographed the On Air Dining Summer 2015 menu. This culinary collection takes advantage of seasonal produce and presents new dishes that showcase exceptional dining experiences. On Air Dining work with a lot of local and international suppliers to ensure they can source the very best produce that their clients want. The shoot was a fun-filled day at their offices and kitchens in Stanstead, where the chiefs put together various dishes for us to photograph.

What we offer commercial clients

As seasoned corporate photographers, we’re experienced in shooting companies from a variety of different sectors. Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to work with many distinguished businesses (some with notable international reputations) that we’ve built up long-term relationships with and photograph for regularly. We’re proud of these projects and love investing our time into fantastic projects that really sell brands. We offer business portraits, premises photography (interiors), photos of your people at work, and showcases of the services and products you are selling. Whatever the size or service you’re offering, we shoot a narrative of your business so that you can tell your brand story visually, from start to finish. Get in touch if you’re interested in hearing more!